Learn To Drive Manual Auto Cheapest Lessons Prices Low Cost Drive Test in Melbourne

Learn To Drive Manual Auto Cheapest Lessons Prices Low Cost Drive Test in Melbourne

A privately owned family business has trained many drivers in Melbourne, Victoria.

Today more customers choose VAN.N driving school because of our professionalism and commitment to training safer drivers with great services and at affordable prices.

Our Driver Trainers have extensive training knowledge, with many years experience with both professional and personal development programs, enabling you to learn with confidence and develop safer driving skills.

At VAN.N Driving school we pride ourselves on developing your driving skills and confidence. We don’t only want you to learn with confidence; we want you to drive with confidence.

What VAN.N Driving School has to offer

  • Our friendly VAN.N driving School Team enables you to learn at ease and at each student’s individual pace.
  • Locally-based driver trainers are trained to a high standard.
  • All our driver trainers hold Certificate IV in Road Transport and Driving Instruction Accreditation ,
  • have undergone police checks, driving and medical checks and retain working with children identification cards.VAN.N driving school pride themselves in safer skills than just learning to pass the test

 We come to you

We base our service around your needs, and know that it isn’t always easy to get to a particular destination at a certain time.

That’s why at VAN.N Driving School we offer to pick you up from work, university, school, home, gym or even the shopping centre.

 Night driving lessons Night driving lessons are a must for all students. Gain the skills of Driving with limited light.

We will teach you awareness and develop your proficiency so you feel safer and more confident on the road in the evening.

Night driving experience is an integral part of your development as a student. We teach you to explore and tackle the many different challenges night driving renders.

Pass your license the first time or we Offer your retest

VAN.N Driving School guarantee that in the event a student driver of the school is not successful in passing the Graduated Licensing System (GLS), then that student having reached a standard that VAN.N Driving School considers competent, will offer retest.

Affordable prices

We are very conscious of providing value for money. Our prices are set at a low cost enabling you to learn more for less.

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